Good day Azra!

As I understood, Arsen did and does a good job.

To explain theory and background from homoeopathy and even its use, is a demanding thing.

Here some guidelines:
after taken the globulie, there should be some reaction:
1. it was the wrong stuff, nothing will happen
2. it was right chosen: then, in the process, you will find out if it was just near to the patient's symptoms (simile)
or it was even their similimum.
3. Judging the time after intake: 
- do symptoms aggravate for some time and calm down, means first reaction (good sign)
- do new symptoms appear: either they have been there earlier in life or never before.
- common is, that earlier life-symptoms show up for a while (good sign)
- sometimes, new symptoms show up which really never where expressed from the patient's body. 
That means, that the given remedy 
was good but leads us to a probably different, next remedy.
Discarding reactions: like diarrhea, frequent stool or urinating, sweating, cry, dreams…are good to clean the body, 
as long as they do not weaken when persisting to long.

So, you see, work starts then really after administering the first dose. 
After this, you have to monitor the patient or he/she has to give information 
to the therapist.
Best would be to make a report all 4 weeks, what happened in the meantime:
- Can be regular process with discharging, but feeling better.
- Can be that the process slowes down to a halt and we renew the same remedy in a higher dose.
- Can be, that an acute disease shows up in the meantime and we are forced to stop and treat this
first and then continue to do our intended work.
- Can be that there is a symptom shift (new symptoms, not the old ones you know) and the therapist 
will gather them, put them in a specific order (means, takes the most significant signs and will work with just them)
to find the next remedy for you, the patient.

The background of this way of treatment is, that the body always tries to heal itself and gives us signs, what he needs next.
The most challenging thing there is to understand, what are the most important signs. You can maybe notice 30 different signs, but 
you need exactly these three or four specific signs that indicate the ongoing.
But by itself, the body will not have the power to take the next step to heal and therefor, our remedy does the job.
So, once in a while, we can treat even severe diseases as they all seem to have that pattern, how to handle them.
A glimpse of an alternative.

Hope, I could help you a little bit with my lines,

Best regards, Michael